Live from the stage/my workspace

After completing my Product Design degree I moved to London to work freelance, picking up jobs here and there in small design studios and startups. 

In 2014 I founded Morrama with fellow industrial designer Rob Bye and took the reigns a year later when he left and founded Availo. 

With a focus on helping small businesses and startups understand the value of design and, more importantly, user experience, I've since worked with clients worldwide to get their businesses off the ground. 

My passion lies in helping companies build their brand through both story-telling and industrial design and how you can weave these two things together in a unique way to offer something fresh and exciting to your customers.

My expertise lies in understanding how to tackle the complex product development process and how you can collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders to strengthen your product offering rather than let it get diluted in logistics and compromise.

Aside from my work as founder of, and design at, Morrama, I offer my services as an advisor to startups at any stage of the product development process. More than anything I love hearing startups stories and working to make them a reality.