How do you re-design a 300 year old classic?

Always looking of design opportunities or ways to improve existing products in our free time at Morrama we've been working on the Angle Razor since the Autumn of 2016. Enjoying the challenge of looking for ways to improve the user experience of a 300 year old design, the Angle Razor is a minimal and beautiful take on a tool used by professional barbers all over the world. 

Focusing on personal grooming we've stripped back the razor to it's bare essentials, ditching the handle and creating an easier and safer blade loading experience. The simplicity of the design draws inspiration from modern safety razors as well as more traditional tools resulting an aesthetic that's both unique and intuitive. 


Studio Morrama

The Angle Razor is the first product of Studio Morrama, a platform for the Morrama design team to launch products of our own. My role is in both the product development, strategy and logistics and in the messaging and branding, ensuring the product remains true to the values of the Studio in both it's physicality and user experience. 

Read more about the development process here.

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