Four years ago I set out to start an industrial design agency for startups. I love working with passionate people with great ideas and since I started Morrama I have worked with over 100 of them. I have a hands on, practical approach to problem solving and constantly growing experience in taking products to market. Whether you are looking for an advisor to join you on your product development journey or simply a half days workshop in writing a good design brief; get in touch

These are some areas I can support you in:

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1. Defining your MVP

Establishing your goal is more difficult that you'd first think. But knowing exactly what you are working towards makes progress both easier to achieve and to review. I can help you review your mission statements and your pitch deck, both making it clearer to yourself, your team and your investors what exactly you are aiming for.

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2. Writing a brief

Whether it be for a team member or a contractor, a clear brief leads to better results. A bad or constantly changing brief on the other hand can lead to a waste of time and resources. Having worked with people from many different career backgrounds I understand that everyone does things differently and what might seem clear to you, can mean very little to someone else. Drop me an email if you would like me to help write or simply review a brief before you send it to a creative agency or contractor.

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4. Building a team vs contracting jobs out

Taking on full time team members can be daunting, but so can finding the right agency who you trust to do the job right. I can help you review a teams portfolio, assess quotations or even come with you to initial briefing meetings. Having the piece of mind of a second opinion and the experience of someone within the creative industry will help ensure you are bringing the right people on board.

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4. The product design process

I have been an industrial designer long enough to be aware of what I don't know and short enough to be passionate, agile and always approaching problems with enthusiasm and creativity. I can take you step by step through the design & development process and help you understand how design and business decisions will affect timelines and resources. 

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5. Allocating and managing resources

There's a fine line between investing everything into the product only to stall to a halt when the money runs out and spending too much time trying to please investors with pretty (and pretty expensive) models. Working out the likely resources required as early in to the project is key, and taking the time to regularly review these prevents any nasty surprises. Together we can analyse the high risk phases of your project and budget for potential complications so that you can keep the project moving regardless.


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